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For over 50 years the Jewish Community has been struggling with how to teach science in Jewish Schools. 

How do we inspire and engage our children to love learning science as a way to deepen their connection to Hashem and His creations?

Over the past five years the Jewish Center for Science has become the leading force to pioneer science education in Jewish Schools across North America. We have been very successful with creating revolutionary programs such as our textbook series for schools with over 10,000 students in 130 schools and our Niflaos HaBoreh films for the home.  

Where do we go from here?

Now we are ready to take our organization to the next level by creating a traveling museum to benefit schools in the US and Israel. The museum will include a planetarium, 3D theater, and around the world exhibit where students will go on a virtual world tour. Tables will be set up that have a short film about the country or place they are visiting, artifacts from the country will be displayed so they can get an idea of what types of things are produced there, and VR headsets will be out so students can actually see and look around with 360VR views to see what the most amazing places on the planet actually look like. As with our other programs, in addition to giving students a fun and memorable experience, the museum exhibits will help them appreciate the Greatness of Hashem and His truly awesome ability to create.

We are excited to bring our Mobile Museum to your town and we invite you to partner with us in inspiring Tens of Thousands of students in America & Israel!

All Donations over $1000 will recieve a producers Credit on the museum film

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